Terms and Conditions

On Reserve

Goods reserved are subject to availability.

Goods reserved and requested for approval are reserved for a limited period as per agreement.

Any extension of a reserve can only be approved by diamdirect.net Management.

Exchange Rate reserves are limited to the reserve period as specified by the consignor. On expiration of a reserve the current exchange rates are applicable to the date and time of payment.

Reserved will not be allowed on Sale and/or promotion items.

Diamdirect.net reserves the right to cancel the reserve of any item.

On Approval

The goods referred to herein are handed to the Consignee for approval only, and must be returned on demand to the Consignor.

Ownership of the goods remain vested in the Consignor until such time as the goods are invoiced and fully paid for.

All courier costs are for the Consignee’s account.

The absolute risk in the goods passes to the consignee on handing over in person or to the consignee courier company and remains with him until return. Should any, or part of, the goods be damaged or lost for any reason, the Consignee will be obliged to pay the value stated on the note.

The Consignee shall not hand over possession of the goods to any third party without the written consent of the consignor.

Provided that specific written consent is given to hand the goods over to a nominated third party, then such a party shall become jointly and severally bound by the above clauses with the consignee.

All items on Approval must be returned by the Consignee upon the expiration of the reserve period unless and extension is authorised by the consignor in writing.

No variation of any of the conditions may be made unless agreed to in writing by the Consignor.

All reserves/appros will be handled under the following terms: the rate of exchange will be determined at the time of “Confirmation of sale ” which will cover payment made within 7 days from date of invoice. The terms of cash sales i.e. sales for immediate payment, the buyer and seller will negotiate a price and rate of exchange at the time of concluding the sale.