Our Story

diamdirect.net is a proudly South African company that places our commitment to you as our client with paramount importance.

diamdirect.net is a member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa, a buyer, seller, importer and exporter of polished diamonds. 

As market leaders within the diamond industry of South Africa we offer our valued clients superior top end, quality, and conflict free diamonds! We pride ourselves on the quality of diamonds we trade in.

All our diamonds include certified and uncertified polished goods. We offer any shape of diamond including a host of natural colour fancy shape diamonds as well.

All our diamonds are certified by reputable diamond grading laboratories such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), EGL (European Gemological Laboratories), DIA and IDL (Independent Diamonds Laboratories).

Mission Statement

Our implicit belief is that providing for the needs of our customers is the single most important aspect of business. Our aim is to strive to market our products and services to perfection with the needs of our customers uppermost in our minds.

As part of our mission we:

  1. Believe in uncompromising commitment to Customer Service
  2. Recognise the dignity of the individual and are deeply committed to staff development, to enable everyone to realise their full potential in an environment of equal opportunity
  3. Believe in conducting business in a free market system with professionalism and integrity

Vision Statement

To create exceptional value growth through the excellence of our people and superior customer Service.

Work Ethic

diamdirect.net is committed to an advanced empowered South Africa.

diamdirect.net employs proudly South Africans to assist in decreasing the unemployment statistics amongst very own people.

We boast a Broad-based black economic empowerment (BEE). The main purpose of BEE is to reduce income inequalities and to contribute towards our economic transition in our country. We are always striving to improve ourselves and our work ethic and at the same time to uplift our country’s standards. As a result when a diamond is purchased from diamdirect.net , you are also supporting our cause to employ more unemployed South Africans.

Our Promise To You

By becoming a client of diamdirect.net , you will receive peace of mind in knowing that your purchase is a conflict free diamond with the assurance of authenticity to you! You will not only have the personal gratification you want in owning a beautiful diamond but will reap the reward of owning an item that will keep escalating in price. Your diamond will be an investment for generations to come.