Origination of Diamonds - Its birth in South Africa

Diamonds have been around for over billions of years, while a true timeline of diamond history is endless, we have highlighted a few significant moments in the history of diamonds as a whole and within the South African Context.

Diamonds were formed around 3 Billion BC. A very intriguing view of its origination was that they were thought to be mystical and powerful stones that possessed great effect on those that wore them. Throughout the ages were and still are seen as a symbol of wealth. Since its birth the discovery was made around 1867 in South Africa.

The Infamous Kimberly Mines birthed the start of a new revolution, the modern diamond industry for South Africa. The 1870s and 1880s saw the start of production that constituted for up to 90 some odd percent of the world’s diamonds at large. The Premier Mine produced the Cullinan in 1905 and that saw the rise to many great discoveries making our country world renowned for producing the most extraordinary diamonds known. Presently South Africa remains a leading diamond producer and has been recognized as one of the top diamond producing countries in the world. This makes diamdirect.net proudly South African with confidence in our product and heritage.