How to buy a Diamond

Let us help you with our expertise to purchase the perfect diamond without all the selling jargon... When you purchase an expensive item like a diamond, many jewellery consultants would like their customers to believe everything they say. We are going to help you make a more informed buying decisions so that you don’t experience any buyer’s remorse much later on.

  1. Go onto a diamond website such as ours that can help educate you on diamonds. Once you have a fair understanding of you what you want. You can then approach either your preferred diamond dealer or jewellery store with an established understanding of what you are looking for as well have an idea of what you are expected to pay
  2. It is imperative for you to calculate how much you can afford and expect to purchase at the top of your budget for the best deal and nothing more.
  3. When you know what you are looking for, you become more driven and decisive to get what you want rather than having been sold a diamond you don’t want.
  4. Know your stuff weight, cut, clarity and color, to the point of what metal you want be it gold, silver or platinum. The more educated you are on your purchase there is no room for you being taken advantage of.
  5. Shop around, with jewellers and diamond dealers until you find exactly what you want.
  6. Check the credentials of the company you choose to purchase from.

    * Are they accredited with the relevant authorities? Do they hold the proper certification with the accredited jewellery and diamond boards? Get a list of their full contact details, name, postal address, all contact numbers relevant as well as their e-mail address. *MAKE CERTAIN that you receive an INDEPENDENT gemological certificate for the diamond or diamonds from institutes such as EGL, DIA or GIA. These are the most common labs to purchase from.

  7. If you decide to purchase on-line, please ensure that your item be sent in plain packaging so that there is no indication as to how much value your package has. All details from the dealer must be disclosed before you commit to buying any item. At times it is taken for granted that you know that shipping costs are excluded, be aware and be prepared for this when shopping on-line.

    These are just a few buying tips for you as our client to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We have come across many horror stories from people who have purchased diamonds before and experienced many of these issues we have highlighted out for you. We trust that you will be more confident when deciding to make your purchase. As part of our service to you, should you require any assistance in this regard when purchasing a diamond from an alternate supplier, we can assist you in evaluating the item.