What are Conflict Diamonds?


Conflict diamonds, also known as “blood” diamonds, are diamonds whose profit is used to finance illegal operations of rebel, military or terrorists’ movements or their allies, aimed at overtaking legitimate government


Our position on conflict diamonds?


We source our diamonds from the most respected and largest diamond suppliers. We make every effort, as do our suppliers, to ensure that we do not list any conflict diamonds. We approve suppliers who warrant that their diamonds are from sources free from conflict. Diamdirect.net is committed to the highest standards on behalf of our customers and take this aspect very seriously.


Ethical Sourcing Policy




Diamdirect.net adherence to United Nations Resolutions on the sale of Conflict Diamonds and related products.




To establish a client and supplier base that complies with the Ethical sourcing of products that diamdirect.net offers within its services.




To underline the companies undertaking for all suppliers, traders of diamonds to be compliant and provide signed undertaking that all goods and services are in line with this Policy. To instil consumer confidence to our clients through our services offering quality assured products and services.


All Suppliers shall undertake that:-


“These Diamonds offered have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. The Seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds”


Diamdirect undertakes to ensure the following:


  • Establish a client base that adheres to our Ethical Sourcing Policy

  • Comply with United Nations Resolutions on the trade and sale of Conflict Diamonds

  • Comply with Local and International Laws in their Regulation and Legislation

  • To provide the consumer with confidence in their purchase

  • To establish a quality service through its supply chain to the industry

  • To continuously improve the service offering to our clients